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Life Is a Game But Risk Is Serious!


I think Risk is perhaps the most balanced, challenging, representative and symbolic game ever made in history.

That's right. I am very passionate about this game and I tried to write the above statement without any exaggeration. Honest!

I think Risk can tell us a lot about ourselves, how we think, how others think, how we influence them and how they influence us. Risk is not like Chess which is abstract and there can actually be a perfect move in any given situation. In Risk, much like in real life, there is no perfect move; it all depends on who you are playing with, the environment you are in, the map you are playing on and of course what kind of luck you are going to have. Nothing is ever obvious and so there is never a perfectly calculated move.

In Risk, you just have to make a decision based on what you have experienced and what you know of your opponents. Every player who goes on to win is always vulnerable throughout the game. However, despite the random throw of the dice, despite playing against a set of diverse players and despite playing over different maps and using different rules, some players tend to win over and over again! What is their secret? Can this secret be used in real life to improve a person's chances of success against others?

I have tried hard to investigate and answer this question which led me to create my website

I then wrote a strategy guide on how to win game of Risk and the result was my book, Total Diplomacy: The Art of Winning Risk. The book explores strategies on how to play well in the game of Risk and how to learn from such strategies and apply them to everyday living.