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Course Design Strategy Book


Course Design Strategy: The Art of Making People Learn

This book is packed with strategies and insights that will help you design better training courses. It focuses on how people learn as the key factor in making design decisions. Get insights from many studies in cognitive psychology and neuroscience and learn about memory to increase the effectiveness of your training courses. They will change forever how you think about training design and delivery and help you design courses that your learners will love.

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Train the Trainer Book


Train the Trainer: The Art of Training Delivery

Second Edition

This book provides you with a comprehensive set of guidelines on all aspects of training. The methodologies, scenarios and exercises presented in this book will ensure that you, as a trainer, are equipped with all the tools and skills needed to deliver a great training course.

This Second Edition of the book has been expanded extensively with many lessons and insights. Whether you are new to training or you are an experienced trainer, this book will help you to examine your performance, reflect on it and improve it. The detailed homework and exercises will then help you formulate specific actions to systematically address each area that needs improvement.

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Total Diplomacy Book


Total Diplomancy: The Art of Winning Risk

Learn how to use tactics, strategy and diplomacy to win in Risk board game. Then learn how to apply the lessons back to life and use Risk games as a source of inspiration to help navigate through various challenges in life.

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