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Ethan Honary Fine Art

Fine Art

My main interest is to learn the techniques of the old masters in figurative art and use it to create works for a contemporary audience. I use a variety of mediums to express myself and experiment including oil, pastel, charcoal and pencil.

My background is in Artificial Intelligence and the corporate training industry. Though I have carried out a series of digital arts projects over the years, it wasn’t until I attended a life drawing session that I discovered a whole new world. I realised that drawing a face is extremely challenging. The more time I spent on figurative art, the more I appreciated the complexity. I have now a lot more respect for what the old masters have managed to achieve.

I have studied at LARA (London Atelier of Representational Art) and learned greatly about drawing and painting. The challenge of capturing a figure along with good design and composition has made the task extremely attractive to me. I focus on all aspects of creating a quality work including craftsmanship, expression of light and form, realism, design and aesthetics of beauty. 

As a training specialist, I am also forever fascinated with what it takes to learn art and drawing, or how it can be taught well. Being a keen researcher on training methodologies, I am always hunting for new methods as well as proven ones used by great artists for centuries.

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